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Cross The Ages


Cross the Ages (CTA), a free-to-play game that features digital trading cards as non-fungible tokens (NFT)

Cross The Ages gaming ecosystem can be summarized as follows:

Crystals - in-game tokens, a so-called ‘soft currency’. Crystals can be earned and won within the game. Crystals are stable tokens, for ease of use.

Crystals are required for all ‘off-chain’ in-game activities. The tokens have the usual in-game utilities such as buying card packs and skins, buying or unlocking booster packs and minting cards into NFTs.

Crystals can be exchanged into the CTA Tokens at the then-current exchange rate within the in-game marketplace.

Gold – is a second in-game token, it is also a so-called ‘soft currency’. The token is ‘off-chain’ and therefore not tradeable.

Gold is required for in-game merging of digital cards, this has a direct utility of defeating bots and ensures fairness of the game for the players. Gold is a stable token.

CTA Token - a utility token granting major game advantages and access to off-series valuable NFTs, special access to tournaments and access to exclusive content.

Moreover, CTA Token is required for all ‘on-chain’ activities. CTA Token is a tradeable blockchain-based token, the value of which will appreciate as the game develops and advances into a Metaverse.

The game economy will be developing in a dynamic manner to address the needs and desires of our gaming community. CTA Tokens are required for minting and merging of NFTs as well as printing NFTs into the physical NFC cards, buying or unlocking booster packs.

After the NFT is printed into the NFC card, those NFTs are frozen within the game and can no longer be printed into NFCs.

CTA Tokens are required to enter Guild competitions and tournaments. The holders of the CTA Token will have the Governance and Voting powers in the direction over the Metaverse development.

CTA Tokens can be exchanged into Crystals at the then-current exchange rate.

NFTs - valuable in-game collectibles as non-fungible tokens. The NFTs have a specified limited time frame for minting from digital cards. Once the next collection of cards is available, minting of the previous collection will no longer be possible.

This will incentivise the players to mint NFTs and build buy pressure so that NFTs increase in value over time. There are 2 NFT collections per annum, each of 145 cards per collection.

NFC collectible trading cards - physical collectible cards are encoded with near-field communication technology (NFC) connected to a smart contract on the blockchain. This will verify and validate ownership and possession of each particular card and prevent counterfeiting of physical cards.

Merging of the Cards

Merging of the cards results in more rare and therefore more valuable cards being produced. Off-chain merging of the digital cards in-game requires Gold. On-Chain merging of the NFTs requires CTA Tokens.

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GBV Capital
Animoca Brands
Maven Capital
Dutch Crypto Investors
Mechanism Capital
Morningstar Ventures



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