Integrating Celo Network with MetaMask: A Comprehensive Guide

This detailed guide explains how to add the Celo network to MetaMask, enabling users to access Celo dApps, stake CELO tokens, and explore the Celo ecosystem's opportunities. The article also offers valuable tips on securing Celo assets and maintaining best practices for asset safety.


Celo is a blockchain ecosystem focused on fostering financial inclusion by providing accessible and user-friendly financial tools to underbanked populations worldwide. This platform uses its native cryptocurrency, CELO, to facilitate transactions and decentralize the governance process. In this comprehensive guide, we'll show you how to add Celo to MetaMask, a popular Ethereum-based wallet, to interact with Celo's ecosystem, and explore various dApps and opportunities it has to offer.

Adding Celo Network to MetaMask

To add the Celo network to MetaMask, follow these steps:

  1. Install MetaMask: Download and install the MetaMask browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, or Brave.
  2. Access MetaMask: Click on the MetaMask icon in your browser's toolbar and sign in or create a new account.
  3. Add Celo Network: Click on the network dropdown menu (usually displaying "Ethereum Mainnet") at the top of the MetaMask window. Select "Custom RPC" to add a new network.
  4. Enter Celo Network details: Input the following information into the respective fields:
  5. Network Name: Celo
  6. New RPC URL:
  7. Chain ID: 42220
  8. Currency Symbol: CELO
  9. Block Explorer URL:
  10. Save and Select Celo Network: Click "Save" to add the Celo network to MetaMask. Once added, the network will be automatically selected.

Obtaining CELO Tokens

To interact with the Celo ecosystem, you'll need CELO tokens. Here are a few ways to acquire them:

  • Purchase on a centralized exchange: Platforms like Binance, Coinbase Pro, and OKEx offer CELO trading pairs.
  • Acquire from a decentralized exchange (DEX): Trade other cryptocurrencies for CELO on DEXes like Ubeswap or SushiSwap.

After obtaining CELO tokens, transfer them to your MetaMask wallet by following these steps:

  1. Copy your MetaMask wallet address: Click on your MetaMask extension, ensure you're on the Celo network, and click on your wallet address to copy it.
  2. Initiate the transfer: On the exchange or platform where you purchased CELO, navigate to the withdrawal section, paste your MetaMask wallet address, and initiate the transfer.

Interacting with Celo dApps

With Celo added to MetaMask and CELO tokens in your wallet, you can now interact with various Celo dApps. Some popular dApps in the Celo ecosystem include:

  • Ubeswap: A decentralized exchange for swapping tokens on the Celo network.
  • Moola Market: A decentralized lending and borrowing platform built on Celo.
  • Impact Market: A platform for creating and supporting basic income projects worldwide.
  • Celo Terminal: A dashboard for managing your Celo assets, staking, and governance participation.

To interact with Celo dApps:

  1. Visit the dApp's website: Access the official website of the dApp you want to use.
  2. Connect MetaMask: Click on the "Connect Wallet" button on the dApp's website and choose MetaMask as your wallet provider. Ensure that you're on the Celo network in MetaMask.
  3. Approve the connection: MetaMask will prompt you to approve the connection to the dApp. Click "Connect" to proceed.
  4. Interact with the dApp: You can now explore the dApp's features and functionalities, such as swapping tokens, providing liquidity, lending, or borrowing.

Staking CELO Tokens

Staking CELO tokens is another way to engage with the Celo ecosystem and earn rewards. To stake CELO tokens:

  1. Visit a staking platform: Access a Celo staking platform like Celo Terminal or Celo's official voting dApp.
  2. Connect MetaMask: Follow the same steps as mentioned earlier to connect MetaMask to the staking platform.
  3. Choose a validator group: Browse through the available validator groups and select one based on their performance, commission, and reputation.
  4. Stake your CELO tokens: Input the amount of CELO tokens you'd like to stake and follow the platform's instructions to complete the staking process.

Securing Your Celo Assets

To keep your Celo assets safe, follow these security best practices:

  • Use a hardware wallet: Consider using a hardware wallet like Ledger or Trezor to store your private keys offline.
  • Enable two-factor authentication (2FA): If you use a centralized exchange to buy CELO tokens, always enable 2FA for added security.
  • Keep your seed phrase safe: Store your MetaMask seed phrase in a secure, offline location to prevent unauthorized access.


Adding the Celo network to MetaMask unlocks a world of possibilities within the Celo ecosystem. By following this guide, you can access various dApps, stake CELO tokens, and explore financial opportunities on the Celo platform. Remember to prioritize the security of your assets and follow best practices to keep your funds safe.

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